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filter init-param /init-param /filter Struts 2 will find action classes by following methods.Xml code is: project dependencies dependency /dependency dependency /dependency /dependencies build plugins plugin configuration /configuration /plugin plugin configuration /configuration /plugin /plugins /build /project Deployment Descriptor Configuration?xml version"1.0" encoding"UTF-8"?Learn

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Capuchin monkey fairness experiment

capuchin monkey fairness experiment

But then the researcher switches the reward for one of the monkeys.
Joy Jernigan contributed to this report.
De Waal said the same experiment has been done with very young children and the resulting behavior is very similar to what you see from the Capuchin monkeys in the video above.Well, that wasnt going to fly."So, this is basically the Wall Street protest that you see here says de Waal, referring to the Occupy Wall Street movement.Such inequities are no laughing matter.For this fuller sense of fairness, you can't simply be upset when you're the one getting less.
According to an Atlanta primatologist, we might look to another species to find the answer.
Researchers would throw a pebble into one hit hack crossfire 2013 the monkey's cage and its job would be to bring it back.
You also have to care when you're the one receiving more.
Here, see for yourself:, as the well-known primatologist Frans de Waal can be heard explaining in that clip or spirit bound richelle mead epub with a bit more detail in the one that follows this paragraph capuchin monkeys "get" unfairness.If you and I do the same work for the same amount of time and you end up earning fifty dollars more than me, Im probably going to feel some resentment towards you.As soon as the researcher does this, you see the monkey who is stuck with the cucumber start to act very differently.But there is another part of our understanding of fairness that you won't see in monkeys or dogs.Of course, the human world contains genuinely significant injustices too many of them.De Waal as his colleague, Sarah Brosnan, published their findings in the journal Nature in 2003.Instead of receiving a cucumber for the task, that monkey will get a grape, which, it turns out, is a much better reward in the eyes of these primates.Were faced with unfair situations all the time.